Total Hip Replacement (DK)

Afrobeats, Dub & Reggae aus Dänemark

26.02.2022  | 20:00 Uhr

Total Hip Replacement is a groovy 7-piece orchestra known for its energetic and unique live concerts. Playfully the band band operates between the organic and the electronic, where heavy grooves, warm brass and intense synthesizers meet in a musical landscape that is dark and longing, but full of hopeful energy. Total Hip Replacement will, at a time when mental health, political security and global humanitarian conditions are under pressure, remind the world of the importance of coming together across classes and cultures. With a text universe that invites to reflection, the audience is taken on a transcendent, ecstatic journey, where the boundary between musician and listener is blurred in the heat of battle.

Musikvideo "Lost In Thought

Musikvideo "1000 Colours

Eintritt: 18,-€ / ermäßigt 13,-€
Tel.: 0471-43333
Gartenstr. 5 - 7
27568 Bremerhaven